Planning the Holiday Party

The biggest mistake we can make as party planners is to wait too long to plan our events.  We have several clients that have worked with us over the years that always wait till the last minute to plan their holiday event.  Sometimes they call us a week before their party.  Because of their delinquency we can’t always  book the band they wanted or the professional Santa they saw at one of our other events.  Often times we are scrambling to give them a list of options that will fit into their team’s goals and objectives.


It is October 18, 2016 and depending on your date or day of the week you need to get started now booking the hall, the band, the comedian, the casino games, a murder mystery or what ever your team is interested in having at this year’s party.


We have clients who have been working with us for over thirty years and they are planning their holiday parties in the summer.  So if you have been dragging your feet now is the time to speed up the process by contacting the Carey and Paul Group TODAY to plan your holiday event.

Some new items this year: Journey Tribute Band, Jersey Boy’s Tribute, Circus strolling entertainment and more!!

C. Carey

Carey and Paul Group



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