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Jeff Lehman's Dueling Piano Show has been continuously booked entertaining crowds since its inception in 2004. The show is an interactive, highly entertaining show that features great singing, playing, and crowd participation. Often songs will be played with the crowds singing along to the choruses. Songs of any style and era are performed, being driven largely by audience requests. Impersonations of the actual singers sometimes takes place as well, with Jeff and his dueling partner sounding like Elvis, Michael McDonald, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, or a bevy of others.

Along with this, each show includes mild comedy, and Vegas style antics, and "bits" that bring up members of the audience into the show. Jeff's show contains the best of the best; the best performers, PA, lights and effects. "The idea is to be a cut above the rest, and be ready to change the show on a dime's notice. Every crowd and show is different. We perform to not only satisfy them, but leave them wanting more. It is not uncommon for encores, even after a 2.5 or 3 hour show." -Jeff Lehman

Jeff Lehman's Dueling Piano Show has performed for crowds of 1200 or more, and as small as a crowd of 35-50 people in a club. The show is reasonably priced and highly entertaining, worth every penny.

"The Dueling Pianos you booked for the Independent Agents of Michigan (IIAM) Christmas Party were outstanding. They did an awesome job entertaining the crowd with the music and the hilarious anecdotes. The strolling magician and the tarot card reader was also a big hit. Thank you for all you have done for us over the last decade and we look forward to doing business with your entertainment planning team again next year." Jim Barr, Treasure IIAM

Jeff's Music Bio

Jeff Lehman has been performing for crowds since a young age in 1980. Throughout his musical career he has performed solo and with various acts on a local and national level. From 2006-2011 he was the music director/keyboard player for Sony Music Recording Artists Looking Glass featuring Elliot Lurie, the band that brought the world the #1 worldwide hit, "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)," used most recently in the film Guardians of the Galaxy. He also performed with Joey Molland's Badfinger, Jim Gold and Gallery, Cub Coda and Brownsville Station, Sony Geraci and the Outsiders, Otis Day, and Mark Lindsay, where Jeff was the music director for Mark's backup band for a birthday party thrown by Warren Buffet, for his daughter Suzy's 60th birthday party.

As a Musician, Jeff wears many hats; singer, songwriter, teacher, adjudicator, keyboard player, engineer, and producer. In 1985 Jeff taught keyboards at The Music Castle in Royal Oak, Michigan. A then unknown drummer named Chad Smith taught drums in the next room. Jeff commented, "It got to be tough trying to teach rhythm to a piano student when Chad and his student were pounding away in the next room. Eventually we gave in and would just play along to the beat they were laying down."--Jeff Lehman

In February 1992, Jeff was elected into the American Guild of Music, where he would judge vocal and piano competitions. In May 1993 he was elected into BMI (Broadcast Music Industry) as a publisher and writer for his airplay of songs. Since that time Jeff has perfomed live and in the studio with a variety of local and national acts including: JIM GOLD AND GALLERY, CUB KODA (BROWNSVILLE STATION), ELLIOT LURIE (LOOKING GLASS), JOEY MOLLAND (BADFINGER), MARK LINDSAY(PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS), OTIS DAY AND THE NIGHTS, SONNY GERACI AND THE OUTSIDERS, CLIMAX.

Jeff Lehman MusicianAs a solo singer / songwriter, Jeff has had airplay on conventional radio in the US, Canada, Switzerland and the Internet for his songs, Everything Must Change, Don't Look Back, Keep on Keepin' On, My Heart Wants to Believe You, and Obscured by Light. On July 3, 2002, Jeff released a CD entitled "Lehman's Terms."

In December 2005 Jeff got a rare opportunity to work with Motown musical idols The Funk Brothers when he got a call from the BBC Radio Network Ten Alps to work on the Internet special: "Marvin Gaye: The Making of What's Going On:" an in-depth look at the making of that legendary album. At Bar Beach in Port Washington New York during Memorial Day, May 2007, Jeff received a standing ovation by singing the National Anthem before thousands while on stage with Looking Glass. On January 23, 2010, "Immune to a Heartache," a jazz ballad Jeff wrote and produced for British singer, Judy Shire, was featured on the website of the British NME video awards.

From 2003-2017 Jeff was the music director/keyboard player for Looking Glass featuring Elliot Lurie. He booked and played in the bands shows in New York, Minnesota, Las Vegas, Ohio, and Michigan.

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