Adding Some Disney Style Customer Service

laughing audienceA hilarious wellness program that promotes laughter in the workplace.

Here is a fun, interactive customer service program that offers up practical ways to improve your employee/volunteer moral, communication skills and promote high quality customer service for your company, fast food chain, festival or event.

Richard has studied the Disney way of customer service for over twenty-five years and has implemented many of the techniques in his own entertainment and event planning businesses.

Many of Richard’s clients have worked with his event planning company and team of entertainment professionals for over twenty-five years.  If you were to ask his clients why they keep coming back they will all tell you “his attention to detail.”  Every one of his full time and part time staff or contracted entertainment are trained and instructed to create a memorable exciting experience for both clients and event guests.

"Richard's team of professionals helped make me look good to my committee and the Mayor.They leave no stone unturned. Their attention to detail is impeccable." Bob Baker, Trenton Mid-Summer Festival

Like Disney his staff members are instructed to smile, not be afraid to say hello and remember that they are a representative of Richard’s event and entertainment company. 

Now Richard is sharing these simple, high-quality customer service techniques that will  help  organizations offer up a  more welcoming, magical and rewarding  experience for clients.

This training workshop gets everyone involved and committed to be willing to be the best they can be as a customer service ambassador for your company, fast food chain or festival, fair, amusement park or event.

Richard’s hilarious delivery style, stories and easy to follow examples not only offer up valuable Disney style techniques but he is also a master of teaching and promoting brainstorming skills.  Richard also shares why it’s important to list out daily goals and like Walt Disney,  he demonstrates the importance of  stepping out of the box and making each customer feel valued and welcomed.

"Thank you once again for presenting your program at the annual MRPA Conference and Trade Show last week. We truly appreciate the time and effort you made to present quality and valuable information to the conference attendees. So far the preliminary feedback sounds fantastic." Justin Lippe, Program Manager, Michigan Recreation & Park Association

At this high energy customer service program your staff will discuss and learn why it is important to:

  • Go the extra mile
  • Treat your customers like welcomed guests
  • Step out of the box when it comes to customer relations
  • Be nice to guests and fellow staff
  • Provide outstanding customer service

Richard will share stories and examples from young staff members and corporate leaders that will motivate and ignite your team to want to be the best they can be.

They will discover the value of outstanding customer service and how it will payoff for them in the long run.

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*This customer service program, content, and speaker Richard Paul is in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.


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