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by Cub Masters, Den Leaders, Cub Scouts, Aunts, Uncles, Parents and Grandparents

You’re planning the Blue and Gold Banquet this year and you have to figure out whether you should have pot luck or hire a catering company, what location will the banquet take place school or at a hall, who should you hire in Michigan as blue and gold banquet entertainment? You look at the past records and cub scout boysyou see that for the last five years they have had magician, clown, magician, clown, magician and you say to yourself “I want to hire something new, something entertaining an act that is funny for all ages. You Google Michigan Blue and Banquet entertainment and you find Funny Puppet Guy, Ventriloquist Richard Paul. You shout YAHOO! I want to hire a ventriloquist like the ventriloquist that won the America’s Got Talent competition.

Ventriloquist funny puppet guy Richard Paul has performed as a Blue and Gold banquet entertainer for over twenty years. He is based out of southeastern Michigan and specializes in family fun entertainment, mixing ventriloquism, magic and outrageous crowd pleasing interaction.

He is a master at entertaining the Cub Scouts and their siblings. Also the Cub Scouts older siblings, Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandma and Grandpa too. From the moment he steps on the stage he grabs the cub scouts attention with his fast pace, hilarious props and puppets, leaving them wonder, “HOW DID HE MAKE THOSE PUPPETS TALK?”

“It was the first time we have had a ventriloquist as our Blue and Gold banquet entertainment. We have always had magicians or clowns as our entertainment. To be honest we were all afraid that the Cub Scouts would think that Richard’s puppets were babyish. When he walked on stage he had their attention and they were spellbound for over forty minutes. The puppets, groaner jokes and silly banter kept those kids laughing and screaming. The parents really liked the way Richard’s puppets would say things that seemed to come off the top of his head and they really laughed when he brought up the cub master and his assistant and turned them into puppets. It was a great show and we all agreed that we will be bringing Ventriloquist Richard back again and again."
Blue and Gold Planning Committee

If you are looking to entertain the Cub Scouts and their families and you want something that is fast pace Ventriloquist Richard Paul is the right Blue and Gold entertainment. His number one goal is to entertain, have fun and create a hilarious memorable moment for all attending the Blue and Gold banquet.

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Video Testimonial:
Blue and Gold Banquet
St. Claire Shores, MI

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scouting pine wood derbyThe Scouting Tradition

In 1933 "Cub Leaders' Round Table" suggested Parent / Cub dinners. Soon thereafter, Pack 1 of Michigan City started a tradition of pot-lucks where the dads were to bring utensils made of wood; whittled by the Cub with his dad. In the 1930s father / son 'bean dinners' and 'Cub family dinners' began to become commonplace. Finally, in 1943 the name "Blue and Gold Banquet" first appeared in BSA literature, and became synonymous with "celebrating the birthday of Scouting."

Today, the Blue and Gold banquet is one of the highlights of the program year. It brings together your Pack's families for a dinner and an evening of fun. The meal is important, but even more important is the warm, congenial atmosphere created as families enjoy each other's company.

Taken from the virtual handout.


Five ways to help create an awesome Blue and Gold Banquet:

cub scouts shows1) Feed your attendees in the beginning of the event.

I have performed my ventriloquist show at many Blue and Gold banquets. Some have chosen to have the awards or entertainment before the dinner. Often the children and adults so hungry they are either falling a sleep or a little cranky because they are hungry. So make sure you feed them first!

2) When should you have the entertainment?

I would have the entertainment right after the dinner, followed by the awards presentation. I have presented my ventriloquist show at many Blue and Gold Banquets where they put the entertainer on after the awards and many of the attendees leave before the show begins.

If you can’t put the entertainment before the awards, you may want to save a raffle for after the show as an incentive for them to stick around until the performance is finished.

3) Make sure the sound system at your banquet is properly working.

I have performed at hundreds of Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquets where the sound is so bad that no one can hear the announcements or the names of the Cub Scouts receiving the awards. For this reason, I own a professional sound system so I can make sure everyone has no trouble enjoying my ventriloquist show. Make sure you test out the sound system days before your event to be sure it is working properly. If it is not working ask someone within your Cub Pack to see if they have a professional system you can borrow. There might be an old rock n roller who still has some nice equipment packed away in their basement!

4) Keep it Simple

Cub Scouts want to have fun and the banquet is one fun way to reward the kids and the parents. The easier and faster you can move things along the happier your parent and Cub Scouts will be.

I was performing at one Blue and Gold Banquet where the Cub Master kept adding little tidbits about each volunteer and den leader. He turned a two minute announcement into a twenty minute speech. Yes people want to be recognized, but keep it simple. Most people would just rather stand and wave when acknowledged than be the center of attention for several minutes. Move it along, keep it simple and you will have an awesome banquet.

5) Keep your parents quiet during the awards and the show.

When I perform I let the parents know that my ventriloquist show is enjoyable for all ages and I ask them to please keep their table talk to a minimum. I tell them if they need to talk they are more than welcome to go outside or in the hall. If the parents are talking the Cub Scout cannot enjoy the program and they might think; “Well if mom and dad can talk, I can talk too.” The best thing you can do before you begin the announcements is to set the rules for both parents and Cub Scouts. A friendly reminder to be on their best behavior can go along way.

Watch a sample of one of Richard's shows!

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Show Sneak Peek1:
Here a Cub Scout and a sibling helps with the show
at a Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet.

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Show Sneak Peek2:
Here is part of Ventriloquist Richard Paul's show where the kids learn that Puppet TJ
has a girlfriend and her name is Barbie.

Ventriloquist/Funny Puppet Guy Richard Paul’s show can help Cub Scouts fulfill selected rank requirements:

blue and gold banquetsWhat makes America Special?

• Richard creates an American Flag right before their eyes.

• They learn why there are 13 strips and 50 stars

• We explain patriotism and why the flag is a symbol of freedom.

• If requested, we also offer booklets on the history of the American Flag and the Constitution.

Family: We discuss respect and character building

They learn through the puppets humorous banter why it is important to be respectful to yourself and others. They learn that the world is made up of different races, religions and ethnic background and we must not judge but rather embrace our differences.


As part of the show Richards calls up several Cub Scouts to help him with comical skits and magic tricks.  One lucky scout helps Richard create a puppet right before their eyes. The kids laugh out loud when they see their fellow Cub Scout dressed up and acting like a real mother hen.

Art and Puppetry

Prior to the Blue and Gold banquet show, the den leaders can have each scout create a bag or sock puppet and Richard will award for best design, creativity and uniqueness. He can pick out one or more puppets made and bring them to life with a short ad libbed comedy segment.

National Cub Scouting Character Connection Program

cub scouts doing their bestRichard’s Blue and Gold Family Fun Show works well with National Cub Scouting Character Connection Program and Core Values. Below there is an asterisk by each Core Value discussed or presented during the Family Fun Show.

The National Cub Scouting Character Connections Program was introduced in 2002. The key elements of the program are 12 core values, several of which relate directly to points in the Scout Law. The character-building process is called Character Connections, which connects the values to the activities and advancement of Cub and Webelos Scouts.

The Cub Scouting Character Connections Program identifies 12 core values which are incorporated into the advancement requirements for the Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light ranks, as well as the Webelos Activity Badges. Boys are encouraged to "KNOW," "COMMIT," and "PRACTICE" each Core Value as follows:

*Citizenship: Contributing service and showing responsibility to local, state, and national communities. (Related requirements: Tiger Cub: 2 - Where I Live, Bear: 3j - What Makes America Special, Webelos: Citizen Activity Badge)

*Compassion: Being kind and considerate and showing concern for the well-being of others. (Related requirement: Bear: 24f - Be a Leader)

*Cooperation: Being helpful and working together with others toward a common goal. (Related requirement: Wolf: 10a - Family Fun)

*Courage: Being brave and doing what is right regardless of our fears, the difficulties, or the consequences. (Related requirements: Wolf: 12a - Making Choices, Bear: 11g - Be Ready, Webelos: Readyman Activity Badge)

*Faith: Having inner strength and confidence based on our trust in God. (Related requirements: Tiger Cub: 5 - Let's Go Outdoors, Wolf: 11a - Duty to God, Bear: 1a - Ways We Worship, Webelos: 8 - Faith)

*Health and Fitness: Being personally committed to keeping our minds and bodies clean and fit. (Related requirements: Tiger Cub: 3 - Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe, Webelos: Health and Fitness Activity Badge)

*Honesty: Telling the truth and being worthy of trust. (Related requirements: Bear: 18h - Jot it Down, Arrow of Light: 7)

*Perseverance: Sticking with something and not giving up, even if it is difficult. (Related requirement: Webelos: Athlete Activity Badge)

*Positive Attitude: Being cheerful and setting our minds to look for and find the best in all situations. (Related requirements: Wolf: 6a, Start a Collection, Webelos: Scholar Activity Badge)

Resourcefulness: Using human and other resources to their fullest. . (Related requirement: Bear: 21g - Build a Model)

1. *Respect: Showing regard for the worth of something or someone. (Related requirements: Tiger Cub: 4 - How I Tell It, Wolf: 7a - Your Living World, Bear: 8g - The Past is Exciting and Important, Webelos: Naturalist Activity Badge)

2. *Responsibility: Fulfilling our duty to God, country, other people, and ourselves. (Related requirements: Tiger Cub: 1 - Making My Family Special, Wolf: 9a Be Safe at Home

As you can see Richard’s Blue and Gold Banquet Family Fun Show hits on 10 of the 12 of the Cub Scout Character Core Values.

For more information, see the March, 2003 Scouting Magazine (introductory) article entitled: Of Cub Scouting and Core Value

Blue and Gold Banquet Quiz
(Make copies for each boy and adult to complete during banquet.)

cub scoutHow much do you know about Cub Scouting? Can you answer the following questions? We have added a few to help with your evening of fun…

1. How old is Cub Scouting this year?
2. How old is the Boy Scouts of America this year?
3. Who was the founder of Scouting?
4. Who started the Boy Scouts of America?
5. What is the first rank in Cub Scouting?
6. How many achievements are required to earn the Wolf badge?
7. How many electives are required to earn an arrow point?
8. How many Webelos activity badges may be earned?
9. What is your den number?
10. What is our pack number?
11. What chartered organization sponsors our pack?
12. What district are we a part of?
13. What council are we a part of?
14. What is the Cub Scout motto?
15. What is the ventriloquist’s name?
16. What is a ventriloquist?
17. Who is your favorite ventriloquist?
18. Can you receive a badge for making a puppet?
19. What was the ventriloquist’s bird’s name?
20. Was TJ a Cub Scout ?

For more information on planning and game ideas visit the Blue and Gold section of the booklet:

Additional Testimonials

Hello Richard,
You did a great job on Monday,  I received great feedback on you and your show - thank you again for such a strong contribution to our blue and gold banquet. 

Best Regards,
Jamie McLouth


I want to thank you for the great entertainment that you provided at the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet in Warren, Michigan, on March 30 of this year. Our grandson was one of the Cub Scouts at the banquet. Your show was really great for him. He laughed - really laughed! It was so good to see him laughing for real. We enjoyed your show very much. You have a great sense of humor! What a gift!

Sincerely, Sue Ashenfelter


cub scouts slide showWe loved having you at our banquet! This was the best one we have had. We had many people tell us that you were fantastic and the food was great. I thought you were hilarious! Thank you :)



The feedback was very good. Everyone enjoyed it. The show appealed to everyone there regardless of their age.

Pack 36


Thanks for making our Blue and Gold a huge success.  I talked to several of the scouts and parents and the feedback has been nothing but positive.  If you are ever in need of a reference please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again.

Joe Butkovich
Committee Chair
Pack 1049

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"Thank you so much for coming out!! You did such a wonderful job!!  I heard feedback stating you put on a great show!  My stomach was hurting from laughing so hard when you had [participants] up there!" Cindy D.

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