Fall Harvest Show

Ha Ha Harvest Show

"He's that Funny Puppet Guy!"

It's a harvest magic show, it's a harvest puppet show, it's a family fun fall variety musical show!

Most Harvest party planners, including schools, libraries, and park and recreation specialists, commonly look for a magic show for their Harvest or autumn celebration parties. This show provides a bit of magic and music in addition to offering a unique, fast-paced family show that is guaranteed to keep your kids of all ages laughing and having fun.

Autumn is Richard's favorite season of the year. The colorful trees, the apple cider, the yummy doughnuts and running through a creative corn maze. This show and its unique funny characters, music, magic and audience participation are truly a great addition to your Harvest Festival or Autumn Celebration event.

"Thank you so much for entertaining the seniors at Meadows of Southgate II. I heard many good remarks about your performance. They laughed during the show and even after the show. I heard some of them questioning what you named the skull in your act, and after many laughs they remembered."
Jackie Melnick, Social Director & Senior Meadows of Southgate II

Richard mixes several puppets, music, magic tricks, and lots of fun audience participation to present a family fun Harvest Show.

Included in the show are a singing frog and chicken, a comical magical bat, several funny and unique magic tricks, audience participation and more.

If you want to step out of the box and book something that kids of all ages will enjoy, then may we suggest magician/ventriloquist Richard Paul's Ha Ha Harvest Show.

Richard has been performing magic and puppets for over 30 years. During that time he has performed the Ha Ha Harvest show for cider mills, pumpkin patch harvest events, Metro Parks, and park and recreation Harvest/Autumn Festivals including events at Crossroads Village and Detroit Zoo. ...

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