March is Reading MonthMarch is Reading Month: Exploring Your Imagination Through Reading

Elementary School Assembly Program

In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed a law that took reading to a whole new level. The goal of March is Reading Month is to encourage schools and families to work together to improve their children's reading skills.

Schools and libraries all around Michigan are providing programs designed to promote literacy, raise reading levels, and improve comprehension skills.

"Thank you so much Richard! I just asked my son if he enjoyed the assembly and he said he liked it a lot and his favorite part was the frog. And everybody at the school is buzzing about the little girl who did the sound effects who has not said a word to I don't think anyone at the school prior to today!"Nichole,President Millington PTO

Exploring Your Imagination Through Reading aligns itself with these new state-wide reading policies and objectives. Award-winning children's author and ventriloquist Richard Paul explains to the students the importance of reading. With the help of his puppets, he presents on why reading is fun and how to improve literacy skills such as retention and what it means to retain what is read.

Students will learn:

  • Comprehension tools
  • How to help eachother improve their retention skills
  • What it means to retaiin what you read

"I really liked your reading program it was very good. I also liked the way you brought up on stage some of our special needs students. Thank you for treating them with respect, patients and dignity. I am sure they will tell their parents how they were part of your reading assembly show." Timothy Jalkanen, Principal Elmwood Elementary School, St Clair Shores, Michigan

ReadingDuring this reading school show, students learn why reading is so important and how it is part of everything we do. Richard uses the example of how television, video games, movies and theater performances all start with first reading the script to reinforce the message that reading is present in everyday life.

The puppets, magic, audience participation keep students engaged and encourage them to raise the bar when it comes to their own personal reading goals.

Students also learn that peers can help each other improve their retention skills. Richard shares a story of how his friend Phil helped him become the reader he is today. Thanks to Phil, Richard continues to exceed his daily reading goals.

At the end of this program, students will want to follow Phil's lead in encouraging their friends to want to set their own daily home time reading goals.

If you are looking for a reading program that will motivate your students to want to read, contact us today to learn more about March is Reading Month.

This is a 45 minute school assembly for K-6 grade students.


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"Thank you for an awesome reading assembly that really kicked off our March Reading Month program. It was funny when the frog was singing! It was funny when you threw that puppet to the boy helping you on stage. It was funny when the dog said he didn't like to read. Only two people in our class don't like to read. Twenty three people in our kindergarten class like to read. Mrs. Ikamas is going to try to find books about ventriloquists! We will also change our writing center to a puppet center and the three children who go there each day will make up a story, based on another story and will present a puppet show during class. Loved your reading school assembly program!" Mrs. Ikamas, Mrs. Snyder and the Sweethearts

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