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Senior Citizen GertieVentriloquist Richard Paul's Funny Music, Magic, and Ventriloquist Show

Comedy ventriloquist/magician Richard Paul offers a clean comedy show for active senior residence events. It's a fast moving, high energy show that mixes music, comedy magic, props and hysterical ventriloquist characters.

Richard offers three acts in one variety show:

Music:Richard opens the show singing favorites like New York New York and Sweet Caroline.

Ventriloquism:Your senior residents get to meet Richard's comical little buddy TJ, a self-absorbed character named Diva and his 90 year old independent living friend Joan sharing funny stories about her acting career and many comical tidbits about her senior residential social activities.

Magic: As part of the show Richard implements some funny interactive magic tricks including hilarious mind reading skills and a patriotic musical magical salute to old glory.

Richard's music, magic, ventriloquist show promotes healthy living through laughter.

Senior Citizen EntertainmentStudies have found that people who laugh actually live longer and healthier. Laughter produces physical changes in the blood vessels. Researchers have found that people who laugh can increase their blood flow by 22%, lower their blood pressure, improve their immune system and help them think clearer.

By adding Richard's show to one of your monthly social calendar of activities to your senior residences you will not only be offered an enjoyable performance, you will also be promoting health and wellness. With every laugh the seniors will be increasing the amount of air to their lungs, which in turn will be promoting much needed oxygen through their blood vessels and to their brain.

Victor Hugo said: "Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." Richard's senior residence variety show will quickly drive winter from any of your residents' faces. From the beginning all the way to the finale of the show, they will be smiling, laughing and experiencing a magical, memorable moment.

"Thank you so much for entertaining the seniors at Meadows of Southgate II. I heard many good remarks about your performance. They laughed during the show and even after the show."
Jackie Melnick, Social Director & Senior Meadows of Southgate II

Senior Citizen EntertainmentIt's a Funny Variety Show with rehab in mind.

At every senior residence community there is on-site rehabilitation promoting many fun movement games and activities. Richard's creative musical magical ventriloquist show also promotes audience movement and audience interaction. At this show all the seniors that want to join in on the excitement will be putting their hands up and down, side by side, and even stomping their feet.

When writing and creating this show, Richard had the get-up-and-go type seniors in mind, the seniors who love being happy, working out and liveing a fulfilling life. This is why his show is fast-moving and very interactive.

If you want to join many American House locations, Freedom Village of Holland, Sunrise of Troy and Brookdale of Troy communities to bring in a funny, uniquely engaging program to your senior center, then this is the program for you!

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If you are planning a holiday event:

Richard also offers a Harvest Show, Ha Ha Halloween Show and Ho Ho Holiday Show.

Call: 248-561-3196


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