Game Shows

Our team of comedians and comedy magicians offer up a variety of game show programs that can capitalize on internal product launching, sales meeting content, awards banquet and conference theme.

Trivia Game Show

This is a hilarious comedy game show that is loaded with audience participation and lots of fun.

There are seven categories (eight if you want to include your company as a category) every time they get the answer right they receive a piece of Laughy Taffy candy and have the option of telling the joke on the wrapper. The people with the most Laughy Taffy will be in the final hilarious round. You can give out real prizes or funny silly prizes.

Picture It

This is a fun charades game where teams play against teams trying to figure out the clues drawn on the white board. Our comedian host knows how to keep the laughs coming with his quick wit and improvisational skills. Everyone is laughing, learning and reviewing the day's breakout sessions, meeting messages or just a crazy fun show.

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